Monthly Archives: January 2012

Every year I always mark the first day of crab season in SF. I love crab and just can’t get enough of it during the winter months. Or at least I thought I couldn’t get enough of it, until our full day crabbing extravaganza.

If you want fresh crab, you can’t do better than booking a crabbing trip out in the Pacific Ocean. We left from the Berkeley Marina, sailed through the bay, under the Golden Gate Bridge, and north along the California coastline. It was a beautiful trip that ended with a delicious crab feast.

leaving from the berkeley marina

lime point lighthouse at the north base of the golden gate bridge

under the golden gate bridge

point bonita lighthouse on the marin coast

enjoying the ride and some morning beverages

After sailing through the bay and north along the coast, the captain started circling the boat and they started bringing in the traps. I have never seen so much crab in my life. Also, bait smells really awful. But I guess not everyone thinks so.

bait = fish carcasses

brave tighe helping out with the bait

bringing in the catch

so excited for crab!

an nth of the catch

taking home dinner… for the next week

Yes. We each took home 6 giant crabs. Good thing we planned for a crab boil right after our trip. First we demolished some steamed crabs with garlic butter, then Matt made thai curry with crab. After that, Mike and Matt found way too much pleasure in hacking apart a crab to make Chinese salt and pepper crab. All in all, a great trip and a delicious feast.