friendsgiving preparations

The last time I posted here I was celebrating the highly-anticipated arrival of our indian summer here in San Francisco so it will be glaringly clear how little I update my blog as this here post is about the arrival of fall and a favorite fall tradition, friendsgiving.

Every year, when I host friendsgiving, I go a little crazy. A little suburban-pta-mom-crazy. To keep things simple, I’ve been reverting to some tried and true place settings and centerpieces. But then, Matt and Michelle noted that I probably wouldn’t be happy about having the same centerpiece show up in the background of pictures year after year. Ugh. So true. But decorative gourds? Nuts? So played out, right?

I was pretty happy with last year’s centerpiece, besides the fact that it was too tall and if you were sitting on either side of it you couldn’t see across the table…

photo courtesy of caroline

So, I decided to see what I could do with some flowers. I live just a couple blocks away from an AMAZING florist, Studio Choo, so I knew I could swing by there for something creative, festive, and unique. Let’s just say their prices don’t really fit into a 24 year-old’s friendsgiving budget.  : (

I love having fresh flowers at home, so I do a fair amount of inventorying of good florists around the city. That said, after perusing Studio Choo, I knew right off the top of my head a handful of florists that carried at least a similar selection of flowers, even if they don’t arrange them as artfully as Studio Choo. I mean, why not take a hand at arranging them myself?

After cataloguing my favorite Studio Choo arrangements, I hit up a great florist near my office and picked up a few bunches of flowers to take home and arrange myself. I’m pretty happy with what I got from about $60 worth of flowers, some good clippers, and an hour or so of careful clipping and arranging.

The turkey’s brining, now, how to seat 15 people in a one bedroom apartment…



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