Monthly Archives: September 2011

The San Francisco Bay Area is so beautiful, but I rarely get out of the city to experience it. It’s been a really busy summer at work so it took a little encouragement – and virtually all of the planning – from friends to finally make it out of the city. If it weren’t for them, I might have missed our indian summer.

A couple weeks ago, Matt and I headed out to Tomales Bay with some friends to breathe some fresh air, take in the views, and eat an inordinate amount of oysters. We tried to head out early to grab a table right by the water, but Matt and I are chronically late. By the time we got there (around noon?) all the tables by the water were taken, but still, there were plenty of views and sunlight to go around.

tomales bay oyster co.

We caravanned up in a couple cars, and two of the groups made pit stops at Cowgirl Creamery and Marin Sun Farms for some cheese and sausages for grilling. YUM.

bag o’ oysters

Since the others were so kind as to stop for cheese and sausages for the rest of us, we got a jump on the oysters. We bought this huge bag of oysters (the small ones I’m told), and got to shucking. I had never shucked oysters before, so I was thoroughly amused with the horseshoe set up. It’s there to keep the oyster stable and secure while you’re shucking so you don’t stab yourself or send oysters flying to the next table. sort of makes me want to put one at the end of my kitchen island

shucking away

what a beauty

When we got our fill of the fresh raw oysters, we went ahead and threw some on the grill. It was my first time having grilled oysters. They were phenomenal. For the rest of the day my biggest dilemma was whether I wanted a raw oyster or a grilled oyster next.

happy matt

We had such a good time I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one more warm weekend so I can head out there with my oyster loving lady friends. I really have to get better at getting out of town..