portlandia – pt. 1

Ah yes, Portlandia. Where 20-something-year-olds go to retire…

Just got back on Monday night from a weekend girls’ trip to Portland with Michelle and Korey. I need a vacation from my vacation now, so I’m decompressing by, well, blogging.

bkb = best karaoke buds

Michelle drafted a pretty hefty lists of restaurants and breweries to hit up weeks before our trip, so we had plenty to do. Knowing I was in capable hands, I tried to let the serial planner in me just go with the flow. We landed  pretty early on Saturday morning, so we thought best to start off by digging into our list of coffee shops/roasters. We stayed at the Ace Hotel so we decided not to start with the obvious choice of Stumptown Roasters and opted for what I think is the far superior choice, Barista.

outside super cute barista in the pearl districtmichelle enjoying her coffee

As it’s name would suggest, the baristas at Barista make far superior coffee than those at Stumptown. I guess they offer a curation of coffees from other roasters. We didn’t have enough time to go to Heart, but I did get a Heart roast iced coffee at Barista and it was DELICIOUS.

Once properly caffeinated, I was so excited to go back to Deschutes Brewery. They have great beer and great food. I couldn’t remember if I thought the food was good last time because I was already inebriated, or because it was actually good, but Michelle really loved her elk burger so I’d say the food was a hit too.

deschutes sampler


cheers to a girls’ weekend!

Drunken shopping ensued. More to come later.

  1. korey said:

    you used the one of michelle drinking coffee lolz!!

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