Monthly Archives: March 2011

I been busy pickling.

Magnolia, while not my favorite local haunt, has a couple major things going for it. Literally the closest restaurant to my place, I’m often drawn here for their less than stunning beer because I can have that beer with fries and a delicious little pickle platter. These guys pickle everything, and I love it! Maybe it’s because I’m Korean.. you know how we do.

Since I’m often running late with dinner, staving off hunger and crankiness with cocktails, I figured it couldn’t hurt to add pickles to that repertoire. Savory and vinegary, they go well with both beer and cocktails, and won’t ruin an appetite, or a palate.

back: (left to right) peppers, cauliflower, grapes, white wax beans; front: chiogga beets

These guys are all really simple to make and easy to customize with shallots, garlic, pepper, whatever you feel like. Once you’ve got the pickling mix down, all you have to do is blanch the vegetables and chill them in the pickling liquid for 24 hours, then they’re ready to serve! They’re quick pickles but they’ll last for a full month.


I can imagine it’s especially convenient if you get a CSA and don’t go through all your vegetables every week. Plus, they’re just so convenient to have around when you have hungry guests over. Just throw some out on a platter and you can buy yourself another half hour to wrap up dinner.