more on breakfast and growing up

I think it’s safe to say that Matt is the rock in this relationship. He’s more mature and stable than I am, by leaps and bounds. Naturally, he’s also more inclined to make himself breakfast and read the news in the morning.

This morning, while I got a jump start on work from home, Matt got up and made french toast!

I couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to take some photos in DAYLIGHT. I’m so jealous when I see other bloggers’ photos, not just because they’re  better than mine, but primarily because they’re mostly taken in natural daylight, which just makes me think that they’re moseying around at home in their PJs, rocking their freelance gigs, taking in the natural light.. yada yada yada

cinnamon twist

iphone + ipad = nerd set up

yelp hoodie = nerd uniform

soaking the bread

making espresso while the bread soaks

Note that while all this is happening I’m frantically snapping pics and trying to get dressed. I tear myself away from the kitchen to work only on the promise that he’ll stop to take of picture of anything ‘cute.’

cinnamon french toast + maple syrup + turkey bacon = YUM

tamale’s hungry too! for flowers!

Oh Matt. I’m so glad one of us has our act together.


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